Peninsula Sports Car Services is a large workshop that caters to enthusiasts, which gives us the room to house six hoists with ample space for our customer’s cars.

Our three fully trained, competent and courteous staff members have collectively well over one hundred years experience.

We provide everything from minor services through to a full rebuild and whatever a customer wants we can deliver.
Our business philosophy is we believe in improving on the breed by enhancing the road holding, performance and owners experience with their car.

We carry an extensive range of parts, mainly for MGB’s & have access to over half a million parts to suit MG’s Healeys & Triumphs as a Moss distributor. We consistently order parts from the US & UK.

The workshop handles all regular servicing for street driven classics and specializes in race car preparation for both historic and modern vehicles. We have the experience, knowledge and skill to work on all mechanical components including engine, transmission, differential, Clutch, brakes and exhaust. We can fabricate anything required in house as well including roll bars and the fitting or modifying of any upgraded parts.

We have an in house engine shop that can recondition your current engine to factory specifications or prepare it for racing purposes. Based on a computer specification we can undertake any job with our full machine shop whilst providing the highest level of quality control. To assist with tuning capabilities & understand improvements to customer’s cars we have access to both chassis & engine dynos by appointment.

All electrical work is carried out on site and we can provide a range of parts for enthusiasts who may want to tackle the project themselves. We also provide wheel balancing and wheel alignment along with registration inspections.

We are members of the MG Car Club, Historic Sports & Racing Car Association (HSRCA) and take an active role and interest in historic racing. Geoff is racing his MGB in Historic Regularity Events.

A lot of our customers are involved in regularity events and we take pride in maintaining and enhancing their cars for competition purposes.